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You Don't Know How To Dress Your Baby

You Don't Know How To Dress Your Baby

There are a few issues that are commonly overlooked by many people when it comes to dressing your newborn babies.

The physique of newborn babies are still relatively tender, so you should be gentle when you dress or undress them so that you don’t hurt their limbs. If your babies don’t go along with you putting on and taking off their clothes, as moms, it is best to not use any degree of force because it may only arouse more of their resistance. To prevent their movements, you can instead resort to gentler forms of persuasion, such as a friendly conversation, a soothing nursery rhyme, or bold-colored and attention-grabbing toys.

To ease the process of dressing or undressing, moms can pick button-down clothes or those with snap-buttons on its crotch areas. These designs will certainly make it easier during a diaper change and bottom-cleaning. But if what you have for now are the pullovers, then you can pick the clothes with wider necklines or those that have snap-buttons at the necklines. In addition to the style, moms should also pay closer attention to the choice of materials. Because babies cry if they find their clothes uncomfortable, cotton clothes, which are mostly hypoallergenic, are highly suitable for babies with sensitive skins. Moreover, its soft texture also makes dressing or undressing much easier.

To change their clothes, and if the clothes are button-down clothes, moms can first fully unbutton the clean clothes can lay it flat on the surface beside the baby. You can then take the dirty clothes off and place the baby on previously-laid clean clothes to dress the baby up. For pullovers, moms can first place the baby’s head on the base of your palm, support the baby’s upper torso with your arm, then use the other hand to pull the clothes over the baby’s head. Once that’s done, all that’s left is to extend the baby’s arms into and over the sleeves.

If possetting (or reflux) is the main reason for you to frequently change your babies’ clothes, there are a few tips to reduce this frequency. For example, before you nurse your baby, you can put a bib around the baby’s neck ahead of time, or tuck a towel under the neckline. If the area on which the reflux is spattered are small, you don’t have to change the clothes, and rather simply use a wet towel to wipe its stains off.

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