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It’s time to master some “advanced” skills to diaper when your baby is reluctant.

When a mother has just mastered the “skills” of diapering, the babies may become reluctant again, and they always like to twist and move around when the mother diapers for them. As the babies are still very fragile, the mother dares not to press too hard, so it becomes a game between the mother and the baby to diaper. What should the mother do? To deal with it, in addition to patience, some “advanced” skills must be mastered.

The reason why the babies resist it intensely is their self-respect.  The mother usually moves the babies back and forth when diapering, and babies may feel humiliated, especially when they are placed on the table like tortoises by the mothers, they will be disgusted, and then resist it intensely.

After figuring out the reason, mothers should pay attention to some skills. The first is to be quick. The quicker it is, the less resistance there will be. Before diapering, prepare all the tools you need. Do not find the wet tissue, toilet paper or hip pad now and then, during which time, the baby will be more and more impatient to wait. The second is to learn to divert the baby’s attention from diapering, and you can sing or talk with your baby to realize it. For example, you can tell your baby that “mommy is diapering for you now, sweet heart”. During the operation, tell the baby which step it is in. Don’t think that the baby can’t understand you and move the baby in silence. The communication can bring the babies the feeling of interaction, and then they can feel that they get involved and may minimize the resistance.


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