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A Complete Guide To Washing Baby Clothes

by zhilang wu 19 Jul 2018 5 Comments

A Complete Guide To Washing Baby Clothes


Babies are adorable; you see how they laugh and smile and you are in love. However, they have another side: they make messes and produce a lot of dirty laundry. Washing dirty and stained baby clothes clean can be quite a task especially for new moms. Here is a complete guide on washing baby clothes. 


Choose the right detergents  

Babies often have sensitive skin so be sure to choose detergents that are suitable for baby skin. Avoid using detergents that have perfumes, dyes, conditioning chemicals, scents or fragrance. Your baby may have an allergic reaction to such detergents.   It is advisable to look for natural options, but if you can’t find any, various manufacturers are these days producing detergents specially formulated for washing babies’ clothes without leaving any allergenic residues. Some recommendable brands include;

-  Honest Company Laundry Detergent

-  Babyganics and;

-  Seventh Generation Baby Natural 


Read the fabric tag or care labels carefully 


Like any clothes, baby girl or baby boy clothing set has care labels that provide fabric information and washing guidelines. Be sure to follow the instructions provided there. For instance, the tag on your baby girl or baby boy romper may have symbols identifying the right temperature of water you will use to wash it. Also, some clothes should not be dried in the drier, and this information is often provided on the care labels. 


 Pre-treat stains 


Before washing your baby’s clothes, make sure to pre-treat any stains on them. Remove any remnants of whatever stained the clothes (like spit up or food) by scraping, wiping or scooping it off before you start treating the stain. Soak the stained clothes in cool water to help loosen the stains. Some detergents like Persil Stain Eraser Ball are great for pretreating stains. The next step will depend on what type of stains you are treating.  If the clothes do not have stains on them, wash them with your preferred safe detergent and rinse them twice before drying or hanging them. Double-rinsing your baby clothes ensures that all the detergent residue is completely removed. 


Stain removal 


Stains can be protein-based (such as those caused by spit up, diaper leak, food, or breast milk), fruit and vegetable stains or greasy stains. Each of these stains requires a different way of removal.


  • Removing protein-based stains

You will need to use an enzyme cleaner like Era Plus or Wisk Laundry Detergent and some soft-bristled brush. The enzyme cleaner digests the protein in the stain. If after brushing there is still some stain remaining, treat it using a small amount of an all-purpose stain remover. Some good general stain removers include Shout and Spray’N’Wash. 


  • Removing vegetable and fruit stains

These stains a little harder to treat, but they are still removable. You will need a vinegar solution: one part vinegar, two parts water. Use an eyedropper to apply the solution to the stains. This is to prevent the solution from spreading to other parts of the fabric. Let the clothes sit for about 10 minutes before applying a general stain remover and then washing the clothes with the rest of the laundry.  If the stains don’t disappear, repeat the same pre-treatment process. Consider using bleach pens if the clothes are white. 


  • Removing oily stains

Greasy or oily stains can be caused by petroleum jellies, creams, or baby oils. Use cornstarch to absorb all the oil in the stain before washing. You may also use talcum powder. Apply a small amount of the absorbent and let the cloth sit for about 20 minutes. Scrape it off and apply a pre-heater then wash it normally with the rest of your baby laundry. 


Washing poop stains 


Scrape off all the remnants and soak the clothes in cool water and let them sit for some time. Later, deep clean the clothes using such a cleaner as Oxi-clean. Often, warm water does a good job when washing poop stains.  


To sum this up, it is extremely important to wash any clothes before your baby puts them on. This is because some manufacturers use various chemicals to make the clothes look all new and crisp. Such chemicals can irritate your baby’s skin.

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